Wineries in Marche, Italy

4 wineyards in Italy

During our stay on the east coast of Italy we decided to spend some time in a small old village outside Ancona called Ripatransone. The town was established 1500 BC and contains two supermarkets, three restaurants and a couple of cafes and bars.

One of the reasons why we wanted to visit this place was because of all the local wineries. The, district Marche, is known for being one of the best wine producers in Italy. The great thing is that each winery is so different; they all have their own story, wine process, tastes and collections. The grapes in this area are PecorinoMontepulciano and Sangiovese. They have everything from heavy and complex wines to easy, round and oaky.


Winery number 1: La Fontursia.

The first winery we visited was a small house down the road from Ripatransone, since it was a holiday we did not know if anything would be open but we thought we might as well give it a try. We drove into their driveway and a small dog started to bark, that’s how they know there are customers coming.

An old man and lady came out shouting “bonjourno bonjourno” and started talking in Italian, which we could barely understand, so we just smiled and asked, “vino tasting”. “Si, si” the old man said and invited us to his backyard garage with the big wine containers and bottles. In every local winery its free to taste and they are happy to tell you their story even if 9 out of 10 times it’s in Italian. We tasted three different wines and bought four bottles of Crivellino Pecorino.


Winery number 2: La Vite Maritata

After La Fontursia we decided to go to the other side of the mountain to a small winery. They took us down to a separate house where they had their wine basement. The man of the house showed us their different processes and the area where they stored all wines. He showed us one of his oldest wine container made of wood together with all the bottles that they had to turn each day. We tried four different wines and decided to go with one of their award winning wine called “Rosso Piceno Cuore”.



Winery number 3: Colli Ripani

This was the biggest winery of all of them; they had a small shop where they where selling olive oils, antipasto, salami etc. They had two white wines and two red. These wines had a lot more Sangiovese in it, which made it a lot more complex and tasted a bit like cherry. None of us were big fans of those wines. They did have one bottle that had been stored since 2008 and therefor tasted a bit more round with a vanilla touch. Quite heavy but would go great with a heavy meat dish. We decided to go for that one since it felt rude not to buy anything after tasting all of them.


Winery number 4: La Caniette

This is the most known winery in Ripatransone. Its owned by two brothers who grew up on this winery and have since then been working on their own vine yard together with their families. One of the brother has named three of the wines after his daughters; ”Veronica”, ”Lucrezia” and ”Gaia”. He first named the two white wines and when he got a third daughter everyone kept asking her if her name was any of the first daughters so she got tired of hearing that and named the third white wine bottle ” Io Sono Gaia Non Sono Lucrezia” – I am Gaia, not Lucrezia. He told us many great stories and we ended up liking both his stories and his wines. After a lot of tasting we decided on only one red and one white wine: “Gaia” and “Nero di Vite”, since we couldn’t carry more home in our luggage. The great thing about La Caniette is that they are willing to ship their wines, so we took down his information and will be ordering many more bottles this February after they release their highly anticipated Morellone 2009. After the tasting, the owner took us on a small tour of their basement, vineyard and their kitchen before we had to go…

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