When in Rome…

Weekend in Rome

Throughout my recent trip to Italy I kept asking myself, “Is there a city as old and beautiful as Rome?” I don’t know but I doubt it… Usually when we go traveling we don’t care so much about the typical tourist attractions but “when in Rome” you have to see them. Both the Vatican and the Colosseum are simply amazing. How large and beautiful they are, with all their millions of details, makes me wish that architects in this day and age would be as creative. When walking around in Rome it hits me that not a single building is new. even the shops or small picturesque cafes where they serve Aperol Spritz or Moretti with Antipasto are old!


Our first stop, was of course The Colosseum, and after spending a couple of hours watching tourist take selfies with their selfie sticks we decided to walk along one of the busiest shopping streets; Via del Corso. We saw a lot of big brands that exist in Sweden and the US but what I was looking for were the small local Italian shops. Eventually they started to pop up and I was (as always when visiting Italy) amazed by their style. I love Italian fashion; it is always trendy but still classical with great quality! After a couple of stores I got a scarf, high heel leather boots and a black long sleeve shirt, then it was time for a break.

We stopped at a cafe for a beer, glass of wine some antipasto and of course gelato. Since its so dark in Sweden (where we live right now) this time of the year we tried to embrace as much sun as possible. Before our white skin got sunburned we decided to walk over to the Vatican. Once again we were amazed, this incredible beautiful place is something I never seen before and something you can not miss when visiting Rome. Unfortunately, the line was way to long so we never made it inside but this gave us the perfect a reason to come back.


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