Ultimate Wedding Destinations With a Twist

Looking to get hitched?

There’s probably nothing as exciting as opting for a destination wedding – if your budget allows it, of course.

Depending on the country/continent you are on, choosing your wedding destination may be a bit challenging, but that’s why we’re here – we’ve singled out some of our favorite places for a wonderful destination wedding, and we believe you may as well like them.

Ultimate Wedding Destinations


Here we go:

The Big Island, Hawaii

Apart from it being the Hawaii, you may wonder why get hitched here? Well, The Big Island is the largest island in the chain and it will treat you to a wonderful and diverse topography. Believe it or not, 11 of the world’s 13 climatic zones can be found on the island! And, if you decide to get married here – you’ll be able to see the snow on top of the highest mountains!

The best time to wed is, virtually, anytime. The temperatures here are in the 70s and 80s during the day and even winter-time brings mild and short rain showers.

hawaii, USA

Flickr – Simon Wu


Sea Island, Georgia

This one almost feels like the Caribbean! The turquoise waters and pristine beaches are everything you want to be surrounded with on your wedding day, really – this is one of the most beautiful spots to exchange vows. If you plan on staying here for a few days with your hubby and/or the guests, Georgian retreat has plenty of activities for your guests to enjoy like horseback riding, boating, golf, tennis,  fishing, spa-going and more.

The best times to wed here is during late spring and summer, and in early fall. Remember that June is marked as the hurricane season, so avoid that time.

Flickr - Mark Goebel

Flickr – Mark Goebel


Park City, Utah

For everyone who is a sucker for European sophistication and majestic peaks that the Alps are known for – Park City offers it all. This destination has turned into a top destination for nuptials despite being  the former mining.

If you are into a winter wedding, the ski season starts in early December and lasts into mid-April, so know how to plan everything out. If you are more of a spring/summer person, any time after April would do. Although note that May can be dreary and rainy as the snow starts to melt.

Flickr - Raffi Asdourian

Flickr – Raffi Asdourian


Queensland Australia

If you are living in the Land Down Under or you are decided to make it your wedding destination, we’d warmly recommend Queensland! Australia alone is super exotic and Queensland will make it even more fun!  From getting married in a tree house of love on Boomerang Farm, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast to enjoying Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast to enjoying the soothing waterfalls and the ruins of a Spanish-style castle with a romantic backstory in Paronella Park, Tropical North Queensland and plenty other, Queensland will treat you right.

If you are planning on staying here for a honeymoon also, there are plenty of relaxation retreats for you and your hubby that will make all the difference!

Basically, wherever in Queensland you decide to get hitched, it’s going to be unforgettable!

Flickr - Lenny K Photography

Flickr – Lenny K Photography


Maui, Hawaii

Another Hawaiian destination that will blow your mind! Maui is thought of as the most romantic Hawaiian island. Maybe because it’s filled with waterfalls and rainbows? Maybe. Further, due to its amazing beaches, it is considered one of the most popular spots to wed but it still made the list since it’s so gorgeous!

The best time to wed here is anytime all year-round. Dry season runs May through October, and the winter time is also warm with occasional short rains. Since winter and early spring are tourist seasons, we’d suggest avoid these seasons to get married – that is, if you are looking to save a little bit of money.

flickr - The Good Reverend Flash

flickr – The Good Reverend Flash

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