TOP 5 Relaxing Beaches in the World

I think almost everyone has felt the feeling of wanting to escape to a deserted island somewhere and dig your feet down in the warm sand, listen to the waves and enjoy the sun with a drink in your hand! I bet your thinking about wanting this right now, am I right?

So where should you go to get this feeling? Obviously, there are tons of beaches around the world but in this post I have decided to list our TOP 5 relaxing beaches.

Totally unplug at these 5 beautiful places

1. San Blas – Panama

If you ever want to go somewhere where you can shut off/disconnect completely – this is the place! These 300+ islands, all no larger than a square kilometer, containing only 50 inhabited islands with only a couple of small cottages, palm trees, a small shop and very few people! For real? Yes, the islands are usually only as big as a football field but they are made of only sand and are GREAT for relaxing!

Interested in staying at one of these desserted islands? Then visit their official site.

San Blas, Panama


2. Pipa – Brasil

A great little town with many things to do, such as surfing, snorkelling and diving. You will find many big and crowded beaches but just around the corner from the main beach you will find a couple of deserted beaches where you will be alone with the palm trees,  the coconuts and the birds.

Read more about where to stay and what to do in Pipa here.


3. Playa Bonita – Dominican Republic

On the Semana Peninsula on the tip of Dominican Republic, you will find a small town called Las Terrenas. This town has several great beaches, but one of them is definitely my favorite; Playa Bonita. It is actually a surf beach, which is why we found it, although the surf wasn’t hitting when we were there. The beach is so picturesque, so relaxing and so beautiful; with several local restaurants and cottages along the beach, we wanted to stay much longer than we could!

For Las Terrernas I would suggest finding an Airbnb rental, but if you’re not yet convinced, then read this.



4. Au Leuk Bay – Koh Tao, Thailand

We all know that Thailand is pretty explored, but on almost every island you can find a hidden beach. On Koh Tao, if you take a motorbike and go around the island and explore, you’ll be sure to find this beach together with some great restaurant huts and secluded bungalows. OBS image from Google. All about Koh Tao here. 

Image by

5. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven is a part of the Whitesunday Islands National park, so you won’t see any hotels or resturants taking away from this place’s amazing natural beauty. Many kilometers of the whitest sand you’ve ever seen, don’t forget sun screen, sand so fine that you can polish jewlery, and a dynamically changing beach that grows or shrinks with the tide.

Whenever Jake is asked about his favorite beach, he will without hesitation answer, Whitehaven. Read more about what to do at Whitehaven Beach.


What’s your favourite beach in the world? Please share it with us 🙂


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