Top 3 favourite Dive spots

I first discovered my passion for diving 10 years ago on a trip to Asia with my friends. I went to four countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodja and Laos) for over five months with two of my friends; and since all Swedes go to Thailand we had to see what all the fuss was about. We were young, “wild and crazy” so we of course wanted try everything from scuba diving to bungee jumping. In the end, I spent all my time diving and only tried bungie jumping once. Without knowing it, we found ourselves in Koh Tao, one of the cheapest places on earth for getting your open water certificate, so of course we did! For all of you concerned over the price for getting your diving certificate, I would still recommend this island. I think it’s still one the top 5 cheapest places in the world for it.

Since then me and my husband has tried a couple of diving places around the world and decided to make a list of our 3 favorite spots!

1. Solomon Islands

Hands down the best place on earth for scuba diving if you want “sea life”… Seemingly untouched!! Since there are no commercial fishing boats in these islands you will find schools of fish kilometers in length. I’m not kidding either, at least a kilometer of barracuda passed us while hanging out on the edge of a cliff reef. It is absolutely amazing!!! Please don’t go there though (joking), when I finally save up enough money to go back I want nothing to have changed. This is the company that we would recommend to go with if you will make it to the Salmon islands: Bilikiki

Coral outcrop on Flynn Reef

2. Koh Tao, Thailand

Might be a bit explored and ruined today but it’s still a great spot for diving and getting your certificate. You will see everything from large schools of fish, great corals, sharks and a lot of times whales. It all depends what time of the year you will be diving. Koh Tao is a place for both advanced divers and beginners, you can also choose between a lot of different dive centers that offers various type of packages including accommodations and transfers. We stayed at Big Blue Diving that offered a package with bungalows on the beach + Open water certificate. Today for an open water diving certificate at Big Blue costs about 9800thb.


3. Utila, Honduras

Interested in whale sharks but not sure where to find them, without paying a huge amount of money? Utila is your answer! A great little island in Honduras with a ton of diving spots and diving shops. You will find everything from luxury to cheap diving places. One of the most known places owned by people from Australia is Altons Dive Center.


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