The Hidden Paradise in Brazil!

Jijoca de Jericoacoara 

There are many small towns around the world that haven’t been discovered by tourists yet, some of them are just too hard to get to and some are not known within the Travel community. When I started my travels in Brazil I was looking for one of those hidden places.

Then, on my third day in Rio de Janeiro it was pouring cats and dogs so I went to my hostel and asked this Brazilian girl working at the reception where her favorite place in Brazil was. She said, ” Jeri” (without even hesitating)

If you like a small beach town with great food, people and surfing, you need to go to Jericoacoara

OK, that is exactly what I like, I thought.

So, after a couple of hours in the air to Fortaleza, a 3 hour bus ride on the freeway and lastly an hour and a half 4wd bumpy bus ride over the sand dunes I finally found Jericoacoara! WOW, not only did I meet the love of my life but this little beach town was stunning. I was blown away by both the place, the people, food and culture. Everyone was super welcoming even if they didn’t speak much English.



A normal day in Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is all sand, and my normal day in this small beach town would look something like this: Starting your  morning off with a cup of coffee some fresh fruits and yoghurt on your balcony or at a cafe by the beach overlooking all the wind and kite-surfers. Either you decide to take a trip to the amazing lagoon with restaurants and hammocks in the water, or maybe you take a lesson on kite or wind surfing. After some exploring you can grab an easy lunch among the food stands in the city or by the beach and then it’s time for some Capoeira! Before the sun goes down there are Capoeira lessons on the beach and you NEED to try this!

It’s an amazing sport that I talked about in an earlier post: 5 things you can’t miss in RioWhether your standing in the ring clapping along to the music while someone else is participating, or if you will try it out yourself, you need to experience it! No trip to Jeri is complete without a little capoeira. Then, as the sun goes down, follow everyone up on the sand dune and watch the sunset. It is so picturesque from the top of the dunes, that it is something I have only seen in movies. Like a perfect postcard!

Last but not least, it’s time for dinner and some Caipirinhas. Wherever you go you will find great food, especially seafood, and great drinks, with all the caipirinha fruit stands you can imagine running from the town down to the beach. But before you hit the bed its time for Samba, Salsa or Forro in one of their Brazilian clubs!



If you planing a trip to the northern part of Brazil anywhere near Fortaleza, please don’t miss out on this great beach town!

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