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Our last blog post about what to discover in Stockholm during the spring/summer was so popular, I decided to write about what to do here in the winter as well.

The great part about Stockholm is that it’s a small city surrounded by a lot of forests and water, so all year round it’s great to utilize these beautiful surroundings. (Read about those summer happenings here) Winters in Stockholm, granted we aren’t getting screwed by global warming, are perfect for ice skating, downhill skiing, cross country skiing or even winter mountain biking.

1. Hellasgården: In the city

We live a 5 minutes drive from the city center and just outside our door we have a small ski hill with two lifts, three slopes and a bar where you can enjoy a small ski day and an after ski. A common place to find local parents letting their kids burn off some steam on a weekend.


Then, behind this hill you will find a huge nature reserve with great skiing tracks that leads to a place called Hellasgården. This place is great for small getaways; it will take you about 30min with skies or 15min by bus.

Hellasgården is an active place not far from the city where you can truly feel like your out in the nature. Even in the winter there is lots to do here; you can take a beer in the sauna, rent some skies or skates and go explore the woods and lake, or, if you’re really brave, jump naked into the frozen lake after your sauna. It is not uncommon to see many groups of people doing this even with dozens of onlookers close by. This is Sweden after all.


Also, if you have kids with you there are several hills for sledding and of course a restaurant and accommodations for those who would like to stay a bit longer.


2. Romme: 2-3 hours away

If you are visiting Stockholm for more than a couple of days you can also take a daytrip to some of our bigger hills. About 2-3h away with car or bus, you will find Romme, which is a skiing hill with around 30 slopes, including a few ultra-modern six-seat express lifts, T-bars, and a two-person seat lift. A day card, which includes equipment and a lift pass, will cost you around 60 Euros.



3. Idre & Åre:  6 – 7 hours away

Other areas to consider in Sweden during the winter, are Idre and Åre.

Idre has about 40 slopes and is great for both for children and grown ups. Idre offers cross-country skiing as well as downhill, although the hills are fairly small, around 2,800m but you can still find green, blue, red and black slopes. They even have one double black that looks insane. It has a 45 degree slope and is a bit to advanced for us. Idre is mostly a family place for kids and families but don’t let that make you think its not a party place.  Compared to Romme which barely has one after ski party, Idre will sometimes have 3 separate after skis going on at the same time. It’s a lot of fun for a family place!! Jake ended up meeting the band Hats Over Hills and partied with them a couple nights. He says, “they’re a great band and great group of guys.”


Åre is the largest ski resort in Sweden with 110 slopes and has the longest run in Sweden, 6,5km. Åre is one of our most expensive ski resorts with several after ski and party places. I would say this is the closest you will get to the Alps in Sweden. A ski pass costs about 50 Euro for a day and rentals cost around 30 Euros. It’s about a 7 hour drive from Stockholm. This is a great place if you really want to experience great skiing and the Swedish party culture.

after ski

idre 2

Want to know more about what to discover and do in Stockholm please let us know! We would be happy to anser all your questions…

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