Beautiful Cefalu, Sicily

The story starts here when we took our first trip together since we met in Brazil in 2008. We decided to go to the beautiful Italian island: Sicily!

We took a cheap flight with Ryanair and ended up in a small town called; Trapani.


There is not much to see in Trapani except the marina where they sell a lot of great tasting seafood, therefore we only stayed there for one night before we decided to rent a car and drive to Cefalu.

Cefalu is beautiful, its the perfect mix of beaches, great local food, nice people, not too touristy and great mountain trails. We rented a small place from a friendly old lady in the city, this was before airbnb so I can’t remember how we found the place but it was very genuin.



Cefalu is an old town with a lot of character. You will see the typical old buildings with laundry hanging from the windows, cobbled stone streets and a lot of small local restaurants/bars. One of our favourite place was Carpaccio Cafe where the owner served us free homemade wine with several small breads with their own olive oil, tapenade and bruschetta mix, a perfect place to enjoy the Italian culture.

If you want to go for a nice but still inexpensive dinner I would recommend La Brace, an affordable Michelin star restaurant with great service and food. A tip is to go there a day before and book a table, especially during high season! Wherever you go you will find welcoming, friendly people and great tasting food. You will also notice that most of the commodities are from the area since everything grows there.

BUT there is not only great tasting food and drinks, you also have the beach thats located in the end of the town and the old castle on top of the mountain! If you ever visit Cefalu you can’t leave without visiting the old castle, its a beautiful view and a great hike. Here is also where my life changed… Yes this is where we got engaged on the top of the mountain! I think I’ve never been so shocked in my entire life, so unexpected but fantastic.

If you will spend more than a couple of days in Sicily I would recommend you to rent a car and drive along the coast, its a beautiful scenery with many cute beach towns…

I highly recommend going to Cefalu for a couple of days.


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