Santa Cruz Beaches


California is definitely known for all the beautiful beaches surrounded by cliffs and mountains. Every time we travel to California I keep telling myself that I want to hang out at the beach, go surfing and play in the water and each year I tend to forget how cold the water is.

Although that shouldn’t stop you from jumping in with a wetsuit!

Santa Cruz has many beaches to offer for surfers as well as volleyball players and families. Some of them can be crowded and some are completely empty.


Board Walk Beach

This is the beach where you will find several surf shops and stores along the water. It’s fairly crowded with volleyball nets, the amusement park, surfers and families but usually it doesn’t bother me. We love to come to this beach for some entertainment and to hang out with friends since it’s really easy to get to and you have everything you need. It’s not the best beach for surfers but I would still give it a try. Read more about the surf spots HERE.

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Deserted Beaches

If you want to be completely alone with the singing birds and the sounds of the waves then you should go a couple of miles north of Santa Cruz to find some totally deserted beaches. Many of them are great for surfing but you have to bring your own gear since there are no shops nearby to rent from. Our suggestion would be to bring some snacks, a couple bottles of water and a hoodie and blankets if it gets windy. Stay tuned for more info about what to bring on your beach trip in California.

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