Santa Cruz beach Style

Planning a trip to the beach in Northern California is not always easy, you never know if it is going to be foggy, windy, cloudy or cold due to the cold water. I don’t want to make it sound like it’s not worth a visit, just that you should dress accordingly. The weather might be unpredictable but you will always find beautiful beaches surrounded by cliffs.

1. Bikini / 2. Sunglasses / 3. Sandals / 4. Jeans / 5. Matador Blanket / 6. Rainbows / 7. Hat


What to bring?

Because of the unpredictable weather it can be tricky knowing what to wear to the beach. I always make sure to bring a pair of Jeans and a pair of shorts together with a beach blanket and a hoodie in case the fog rolls in. My favorite travel blanket is this tiny little blanket called Matador. I found it on and what I love about it, is how smart the whole design is. It’s no bigger than a wallet, unfolds into a blanket that seats two, has a pattern to follow to ensure it’s properly refolded and has little weights in the corners of the blanket to prevent it from blowing away.

If you plan to do some surfing or other water sports, you will most likely need a wetsuit and under that wetsuit I would recommend a comfortable bikini that is sure to stay put. Also, a hat in the summer to protect yourself from the sun

This guy showed us some really nice places! A tree house and a desert beach north of Santa Cruz 🙂 thanks @dillonshirley

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