Riding Harleys and Shooting Guns

Is that what all Americans do? Of course not, but for a Swede like me it felt pretty American to throw the football while BBQ’ng and ride Harleys out to the desert to shoot some guns. Even if I have been to the US several times, it still amazes me how big and different it is wherever you go. You would think a western country like US and Sweden would be fairly similar, but I would say not at all 🙂

Boise, Idaho is a small city that is surrounded by several mountains, desserts and lakes. It’s truly beautiful when it is nice weather, but just like Sweden it differs a lot. The population is about 215, 000 and it’s known for having a lot of Potatoes. People in Idaho call themselves Tater Heads actually.


Riding Harleys

You can choose to take a bike along the coast of California or you can take it through fields and mountains in the Midwest.

The greatest thing about riding a motorcycle is the feeling of freedom; you feel the wind hitting your face and the fresh smell from the fields. There are such beautiful roads around US that it’s almost a must to try it out if you have your license.

motorcycle harley biker

Shooting Guns

If you go about 1-2 hours west from the city you will find deserted mountains and fields. Usually people take their ATV, Dirtbikes or 4-wheel truck to go out there and drive around but something that might surprise some, is that if you get really far you will get to a Ghost town called Silver City.

Unfortunately due to the cold weather on top of the mountain we didn’t make it there, but that didn’t stop us from stopping and trying out some guns. Not sure if I’m for guns but I’ve tried shooting it before and I have to admit that sometimes it is quite fun.


Have you ever been to Idaho?

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