Two Worlds One Life stands for the life of a couple who lives in two countries, the US and Sweden. One is a Social media manager and one a Product designer. Together, we believe we can find a way to travel the world, provide valuable and insightful content and possibly inspire our readers that it is possible to live your dream.

Both of us, obviously, love to travel, and when we do, we can’t sit still and are always on the lookout for new adventures. Traveling for us is about learning about different cultures, its natural beauty and meeting new people. To understand different perspectives of life and to take that with us through life.

This blog is designed to document those adventures as well as provide reviews and helpful travel/lifestyle tips of places we have been. So what is an adventure for us? It can be a lot of things but it usually includes an outdoor activity in either the mountains or on the beach. We also happen to stumble upon a couple of big cities along the road.

When we started this blog our attempt was to figure out a lifestyle where we can live wherever we want, and this is important, whenever we want. We have learned that this is called being a Digital Nomad and now that’s our goal. Join us as we attempt to cut ties to our day jobs and achieve the title of Digital Nomads.

Our dream goal is to own a house in each country plus a “vacation home” somewhere tropical! Too good to be true? Well… this blog will tell in a matter of time.

How did it start?

Both of us love to travel and we realized that we are never really satisfied wherever we are so we decided that we cant live at one place for the rest of our life. We met when we were both traveling through South America in a small town in the northern part of Brazil, Jericoacoara. We traveled together through a couple of countries and a year later we decided to live together in Sweden. After spending 5 years mostly in Stockholm, we realized that we don’t need to choose between our two countries, we can actually make a living doing what we love! Exploring the world. Read more about the goal to become Digital Nomads.

How do we make this happen? That’s a good question that I can’t answer right now but I do remember what an Entrepreneur once said (http://retiremyass.com) “tell the world, get it out there and make it happen”. So that’s what I am going to do with this blog, I will tell our story and document the progress of our dream, I hope you will enjoy it!


5 steps

Our 5 steps to achieve your Goals and Dreams:

1. Write down your Dreams, Goals and when you want to achieve them!

2. Create milestones. What can you do this week, in a month etc…

3. Celebrate each week/month when you have achieved a milestone or goal.

4. Write down a list of how you will feel if you achieve your Goal and what other things you could accomplish.

5. Write down a list of how you will feel if you don’t achieve your Goal and how that will affect the rest of your life/lifestyle.


Do this and let us know if it helped or not. And, if you have any other methods that you would like to share with us, please do!


For any questions please email: info.twoworldsonelife@gmail.com