What to do for 1,5 days in London

Weekend in London

London is a big city with a lot of tourist attractions, so what would you choose to see in such short time?

I love the different parts of London, it feels to me like an older New York with more of the villages and less of the skyscrapers with a touch of Harry Potter. Over the 1,5 day stay we tried to visit as many places as possible yet still enjoy our time. I’m happy to say we managed to visit Notthing Hill, SOHO, London Eye Edgware road, South Bank, Hyde Park and Piccadilly Circus.  A lot of different places but because of their great subway system we managed to get around.


IMG_4698 Untitled

Sorry for the poor photos, our camera was out of battery.

First night we were planning to go to this popular tapas restaurant Barrafina but sure enough you had to book a table. Instead we decided to try London’s famous Indian food. We went to an amazing Indian restaurant in SOHO called Delhi Brasserie. We have had a lot of great Indian food in Stockholm but this was different. We had their Lamb Korai and Tandoori Chicken, I would highly recommend it!

So many people were walking around on the street with lots of restaurants and cuisines from the entire world. A great mix of people. Everything from drunk English men, gay couples walking hand in hand (wish you saw this more in Stockholm), old and young, tourists etc. One guy was walking around with a pyramid on his head? I think the pyramid was made out of chopsticks and he just strolled right into an Italian deli and ordered some food. Just a run of the mill day in SOHO London. I love it!

The next day we went around Notthing Hill, which reminds me a bit of Pacific Heights in San Francisco, beautiful houses and streets. We took a long walk along the Portobello Market, and went into a tailored clothing store with hundreds of old sewing machines being used as decoration. After exploring as much as we could, we headed to Borough Market that unfortunately was closed but looks like a great place and we will definitely be on the list of places to see when we’re back.

Only 1,5 days but we probably walked over 20 kilometers so we could experience as much as possible and try some amazing food! Read our other blog post about the great Sushi place with a view of entire London; Sushi Samba

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