5 ways to stay motivated!

How do you stay motivated? For me its been the same thing my entire life, a long run on a clear and sunny day! I think the most important with motivation is to stay motivated which means you need to work on it. I have listed five things that could help you stay motivated to reach your goal.

1. Make a list

List all the things thats important to you to stay motivated, write down why these matters to you and what you would like to achieve.

2. Celebrate your success

Either if its stay in shape, work on a business idea or accomplish something in your relationship its important to celebrate your success. Every time you have reached a part of your goal, or stayed motivated to be able to achieve something you need to connect that with a great feeling.

3. The importance of your goals

Write down 3 different paragraphs on how you would feel if you didn’t stay motivated and reached these goals, make it clear to yourself how important this is to achive.

4. Impact from the environment 

List things in your environment (friends, family, places, work etc) that could help you stay motivated and what you would need from them.

5. What stops you?

List things in your environment that would make it harder for you to stay motivated and write down what you could do to avoid this.

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  • I get motivated in the morning thinking of what I need to get done. If I take some time with my Bible and a devotional book and a notebook, in case I think God is speaking to me in His still, soft voice, I find my day goes smoother. If I was dreading something, I usually find peace when I take time to ponder on God’s promises and His love. If I don’t get to spend the time, the day goes along, but there’s a zest missing.

    It was fifty some degrees out today and I was inside. Tomorrow, my part of the USA is expecting a storm. So I breathed in the beauty of the day on the way to and from the mailbox. 🙂 We live in a beautiful world.

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