Innovative Travel Gear

There has been many innovative travel items popping up recently, some of them a bit more advanced than others but all seem very interesting and handy.

You will find most of them on funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo but also on sites like Trendhunter.
I have listed my TOP 5 favourite innovative travel wear for this month, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you would consider buying any of them?


The famous Travel Jacket!

TRAVEL JACKET with built-in Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Gloves, Earphone Holders, Drink Pocket and Tech Pockets of all sizes! 

Travel Jacket

This is a great innovation with a lot of smart pockets where you can store all that stuff that you usually need when traveling but happen to put “somewhere” in your bag where you can’t find it. The most appealing feature for me is the built-in eye-mask and travel pillow that usually take up a lot of luggage space and you always have to remember to pack.

Travel jacket features

The different pockets are great for holding your phone, earplugs etc; but I am bit sceptical of carrying around a heavy iPad in the designated iPad pocket. My other concern would be to locate all the pockets. Where did I actually put those earplugs? Was it in pocket 2 or 10? Other than that, it seems to be a great jacket and is available in various styles and colours for all different occasions. Read more here

Read more here. 


A toiletry bag for the discerning traveller

A toiletry bag customised to fit your travel habits. Intuitive design for the well travelled.

toiletry bag

You can customize your Sidecar toiletry bag in three ways: expressing your style on the outside of the bag, choosing a wide array of inside pockets to fit the items you bring with you, and keeping things organized by selecting the right combination of organising solutions.

toiletry bag

This seems like a great and simple product for when you are traveling. I don’t know how many toiletry bags I have been throwing away because of spilled makeup or lotion. It is nice to see how you can organise everything in your own way and customise both the inside and outside.
My only concern regarding this, is the price, would I actually pay 200-300 USD for a toiletry bag? Probably not, in my mind it’s not THAT important when traveling. What is your thoughts?

Read more here.


The Bag For Photographers, Travelers, & Adventurers

A travel/photography backpack designed so your attention is focused on where you are and not what you’re carrying.

photographer bag

This is a bag that can flow from photography shoots to commutes, travel effortlessly, all while being ridiculously good looking and standing up to the inevitable beating we dish out along the way.

This seems to be a product that someone has put a lot of thought and effort into, a well built bag for any traveler, that fits most of your daily packaging needs, with a lot of smart pockets and features.


traveler bag

Even if they market it to photographers (which most travellers are) they are still showing the benefits of the bag if you would not be a passionated image capturer 🙂
You can store everything from cameras, to computers, batteries, tripod stands, passports etc. It is also waterproof and has an extra cover to protect the bag! I can’t actually find anything negative about this bag other than it might cost you a bit more than you expect to pay on such a purchase.

Read more here.


The G-RO Carry-On Bag

It’s a companion bag—a bag specifically designed to accompany on-the-go people, whether they are traveling around the block or around the globe.

Go-Ro carry on

What difrentatie this bag from other luggages the most is its sturdy wheels, large built-in battery with one outlet and two USB ports for charging your electronic devices. Other than that it seems to be a very well organised bag with pockets and straps for everything from passports, to computers and clothes.

This is a great option for frequent business travellers, it has everything you need, the only downside would be if you want to use it during your flight, since the battery is not removable and your luggage is stored in the overhead compartment.

Read more here.


What is your thoughts, are these necessary for your travels?

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