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When hiking in the mountains it’s good to always be prepared. Even if we are hiking for a couple of hours or a couple days, there are some things that we always bring with us! You will notice a common theme among them, they all don’t take up much space in our luggage.

My number one favourite necessity is our self filtering water bottle from Brita. Why? Because you can use it wherever you go, whether you’re hiking in Peru or on your way to work, this is a great bottle to have with you. Coming from Sweden, I might be a bit picky about this since we have such clean water here, but I am sure most people would appreciate this water filtration bottle.

I would also recommend a shirt or jacket that can breathe. Which would be my second favourite thing, the foldable jacket from North Face. It is comfortable, water and wind resistant and folds into a small ball that you can bring anywhere. Super convenient and really handy if you get hit with some unexpected weather.

Yosemite hike

If you like Swedish designs, then you are going to love this popular backpack from Sandqvist, works really well as a hiking backpack as well as a bag you would bring to work. I like it because it’s a simple, good looking, and folds down to a small size.

What if you are going to hike for a couple of days? Yes there is a lot you need to bring and think about but these three products are some of my favourite hiking tips.

Tights / Jacket / Backpack / Water bottle / Fire starter / Solar chargerPortable speaker /

A small and simple fire starter that doesn’t rely on gas so it can be taken on planes and last a lot longer than a regular lighter.

A small portable solar charger so you can charge your phones, which is a great when you use your phone as a GPS or in case of emergency.

Last but not  least, a portable speaker which is water resistant and works great with bluetooth! The bird songs are beautiful but after a while you do start craving your own music.


When we started our hike down the canyon, we first met a couple of horses

What is your favourite or best hiking gear? Please let us know in the comments below!

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