Hiking photos from around the world

Hiking is something I hardly did before traveling, I guess it is because we don’t have many mountains to hike in Stockholm but I also never saw it as a “sport” or “exercise”.

Then after traveling to Asia, South America and the US, I knew what people were talking about when they explained how much they love Hiking. I started off with an overnight hike in Chiang Mai, then I hiked The Inca trail in Peru, a few trails in Yosemite Park California and lastly my favourite; The Bariloche, Argentina.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

You can do several treks in Chiang Mai, the most popular one being the elephant hike, where you get to ride on an elephant through part of the forest and explore a couple of waterfalls. You can choose to do a hike in only one day or some that are between 3-5 days. I would recommend doing the longer hikes because that is when you also get to stay with the locals in the mountains and really experience the culture. Read more about the different treks here.

chang mai trekking


Inca Trail, Peru

This is definitely something spectacular. Just like Chang Mai you can choose all sorts of Hikes. Most people want to do the typical Inca trail but to be honest there are so many other trails with ruins that are beautiful and they will all take you to the famous Machhu Picchu. My only recommendation for this hike is to also choose a long one where you will stay with the locals in the mountains. Read more about the trails here.

Inca Peru

Machu Pichu Inca Peru Ruins


Yosemite Park, California

Yosemite is a national park in California that is very beautiful and very different than hiking in Peru or Thailand. What differs is that In Yosemite it is all about seeing the amazing landscape, the gigantic redwood trees, huge cliffs or solid granite mountains to climb and beautiful waterfalls. For the hike in Peru and Thailand I wanted to experience the peoples culture but Yosemite was purely about viewing this places amazing nature. I recommend spending a day or two hiking either halfdome or Yosemite falls. Both can be done in 8 hours but I recommend taking your time and maybe camping at the top. Find all the info about Yosemite here.


Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche is also very different from the other hikes I have done and I think this is the most beautiful one of them all. The scenery is amazing, the trails contains a lot of pretty nature, bird life and waterfalls, but what amazed me the most with Bariloche is that it feels like a little town in the alps but without the snow. I only did the day hikes in Bariloche but they also offer a couple of days hike including camping. Read more about them here.


Where have you been hiking around the world? Share your best experiences and tips!

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