Hiking in Ascoli Piceno, Italy

In the mountains north of Ascoli Piceno you will find great trails for mountain bikes and hiking and some picturesque roads for driving or road biking. We decided to take day trip from our small town, Ripatransone and explore these mountains. Going through the hills with the car takes about 30min unless the roads are bad because of the weather but we were lucky this day since it hadn’t been below 0 degrees.

After a lot of turns and hills we where finally in a small village that looked like a ski town. There were several small houses and one cafe open with a couple of mountain and road bikers drinking cappuccinos. On the top of the hill there was a small ski lift but without any riders, probably because the lack of snow.



We started to walk up the mountain and after a couple of minutes we hear this heavy breathing animal behind us, we turned around and there was a giant St Brenard who looked and sounded like he was about to collapse but apparently that didnt stop him and he kept walking with us all they way up the hill. He stopped a couple of times to catch his breath but other than that he seemed pretty happy walking all that way.



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