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If you didn’t know why half of the Swedish population travels during winter, this will make it clear: during the month of November there was only four hours of sun in Stockholm! Four hours!!!

Therefore, I will take this opportunity and write about our honeymoon trip to The Dominican Republic! I have heard that a lot of people have been pretty negative about the DR since it’s dirty and touristy. When we got there I had no idea what they were talking about but I realized this later because we never visited the typical “all-inclusive” tourists’ cities.

Dominicans are lovely, so generous and friendly. Some parts are really poor but you never feel uncomfortable. We stayed a couple of days at an all-inclusive and if this is something for you, I would recommend to choose Bayahibe, a small fisherman’s town close to La Romana. We stayed at Hotel Catalonia, which was a great hotel and not so explored. Even though it’s an all-inclusive you still have pretty beaches and genuine people. If you are a bit more adventuresses, I recommend you follow our next footsteps though…

After a few days in Bayahibe we decided to explore the country with our rental car, Wall-E (that’s what we named it). We started off in the morning since we knew it would be a long drive with bumpy poorly kept roads. Even if it’s a poor country they do have some great big toll roads, but keep in mind, if you ever rent a car here and someone tells you to take the shortcut on a smaller road; don’t! The small roads are quite bad and even if they are a lot shorter it will take you twice the time. In other words choose the big toll roads, it’s worth the small fee. After a couple of hours we arrived at Cabarete, the small kitesurfing town with restaurants and bars directly on beach. Reminded me of Thailand.





It was our first time using Airbnb so we didn’t know for sure how to choose the right apartment to rent, luckily it went very smooth and we got a great location, price and host; Gary Benet. In Cabarete there are several beaches, we stayed at the kitesurfing beach called Kite Beach. As you all know and what I mentioned in my first blog post our goal is to live wherever whenever. Well we just found (at least what we thought at the time) our favorite city and the best person to inspire us to live this way.

This place was full of a bunch of surfers and kite surfers from all over the world living their dream. It reminded us a lot of Jerricoacoara (still my favorite place in the world) where we met for the first time! Crazy enough, the guy who owned the apartment we rented from Gary also met his wife in Jerri! “Like minds attract like minds” It’s a small world. Anyways, it was a great place with great people, not too hard to invest in an apartment, great bars, restaurants and clubs along the main beach with everything from amazing Mojitos, American/Mexican food, to local cheap food etc.

If you are not a kitesurfing person there is other options, we drove couple minutes away to a surf beach where we met some Norwegian students waiting for the surf to pick up. For those who don’t know, my husband is from California and claims that he can surf but I have never seen proof of that. So this was his moment to show off that he could actually surf (as he used as pickup line when we first met). Well lucky for him he still got his skills 😉 and I also discovered my favorite sport! OK I’m sure you’re tired of reading by now so I will stop here and finish the rest of the trip another day.. Stay tuned and find out which place that might be our next home.. Read Part 2 HERE


Want to know more? The official Dominican Republic site (check out their interactive map)

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  • “if you ever rent a car here and someone tells you to take the shortcut on a smaller road; don’t! The small roads are quite bad and even if they are a lot shorter it will take you twice the time.”

    haha so true. but fortunately you dont have to use toll roads, lots of free roads in this country…no shortucts required 😉

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