Coconut – The secret ingredient

3 Tips – How to use Coconut

Since we built a new kitchen for our apartment we have felt need to use it and have since been cooking from home. And being the health conscience people that we are we have tried to cook more from scratch, even if its very time-consuming! As you might know, about 40% of men and women today will be diagnosed with cancer (according to SEER). I believe this has to do a lot with what we eat, or more possibly (probably more accurately) what the big corporate companies put in our food and products. Therefore, we have decided to try to cook from scratch as much as possible and one of our favorite new ingredients to use is; coconut!

You can use coconut in many different ways; you have coconut water, milk, oil, meat, flakes etc.

1, Coconut oil. We usually use the coconut oil for cooking vegetables, meat and fish, to give it that extra flavor or tang. Coconut oil is also the best choice when cooking in high heat since the fatty acids are about 90% saturated.

2, Coconut milk. If you are using coconut as your main ingredient we would recommend using coconut milk or flakes, the milk goes great in all sorts of Asian foods, especially fish stews. One great tip for Christmas is a fish stew with coconut milk and saffron! The flakes work best in breakfast meals like yoghurt, milk and porridge(oatmeal).

3, Oil Pulling. Since we cook with this ingredient so frequently we of course ended up looking for new recipes. When doing that recently we have discovered that you can also use coconut oil for something called “Oil Pulling”. Oil pulling is totally different than cooking, it’s a method to reduce bacteria and plaque in your mouth and it also makes your teeth whiter and breath fresher.

Personally I think it works really well, although my husband says it upsets his throat sometimes. You basically use one spoon of coconut oil in the morning, swish it around your mouth for 15-20min and then be sure to spit it out because the oil is pulling out all toxins in your mouth and you don’t want to swallow that. I recommend repeating this every morning for two weeks and you will definitely notice a difference.

Do you have any favorite ingredient?

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