Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon

Usually we are not big fans of visiting the typical over crowded tourist attractions but when we saw the Castelo de Sao Jorge, we couldn’t resist! It wasn’t that crowded either and was really cool old Castle. It’s built on the highest point of Lisbon, so if you explore some of its 11 look out towers, you will be treated to beautiful 360 degree views. It costs about 8,5 euro to get in but there is a lot to explore and see.


When walking along the castles grounds, you will see this little wine tuk tuk called “wine with a view”. They will offer you a free wine glass as a souvenir with red, white or rose that costs between 4-8 euros a glass but they also sell bottles. If you want a refill it costs one euro less and you can walk around with it throughout the entire castle. Such great idea!

The castle also has several places to sit and enjoy the view while sipping on your wine! There are some alternatives for hungry visitors as well, inside the castle you have one cafe and one restaurant with fairly OK prices.


Some things to think about when visiting the castle:

  1. Check their opening hours since they have a lot of unexpected bank holidays in Portugal, at least when we were there in February!
  2. Check the weather in advance! You don’t want to go all the way up there and not be able to see anything due to the fog or even worse have it rain on you!
  3. If you are visiting the restaurant/café inside of the castle, watch out for the big Peacocks sitting in the tree above you. You don’t want to be standing below one of them when it decides to go to “bathroom”…


Check out our “Happy Jumps” in the castle!

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