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5 things to do in Stockholm

I have recently seen a lot of discussions on Twitter about Visiting Stockholm. Since it’s trendy to “do what the locals do”, I thought I would write a blog post about my hometown; Stockholm and how to experience this city in the best way!

The first thing to learn is to come here in the summer! The weather in Sweden is very unpredictable but I think you would rather risk a summer day that’s possibly cloudy and a bit rainy than a winter day that’s pitch dark and “slushy”. Stockholm is really beautiful in the summer and because it’s made of islands and peninsulas (we call it “little Venice”) you have very easy access to both beaches, cliffs and the archipelago.

So what should you see and experience here? It all depends on how much time you have but I will make sure to list my top 5 favorite things.


1. Visit the Archipelago

Stockholm is spread across 14 islands and outside these main islands you will find the second largest archipelago in the Baltic sea with over 65,000 islands. Worth a visit? Yes! Most of the boats to all the islands go from Strömkajen (see below on the map). From here you can choose a more developed island like Sandhamn with hotels, tourist information, beaches, forest and restaurants or you can go for the smaller ones that are a bit more unexplored with only beeches and cliffs like Grinda.

IMG_3412 IMG_1271

2. Stroll around among the hipster Bars and Cafes

Södermalm is an area in Stockholm (reminds me of San Francisco) where you will find small unique stores with everything from Second hand clothing to handmade porcelain and Art. This is also where you will find all kinds of bars and restaurants from around the world. One of our favorite places is Habibi, a small North African restaurant/bar on the corner of the main street. This is great local place, where the owner knows almost everyone and they always play old school hiphop and r&b that makes you want to sing along to (at least if you are born in the 80´s). If you make it up the hill from Nytorget to the big park and the church, Vitabergsparken, don’t forget to bring some wine/beers and hotdogs. This is where many Swed’s love to sit down in the sun for a picnic with some boomboxes and drinks and watch the sunset.


3. Check out the outdoor “under the bridge” club

Stockholm is not known for a great bar and club scene, so don’t get surprised if you need to stand in a 20min line to enter a club and then get rejected. Sad but true. But if you want to go out to a club I recommend Trädgården (or “Under Bron” as it is called during winter), it is a really cool club in Stockholm. In the daytime it’s nice to sit at their terrace enjoying a glass of wine or maybe check out their flea market on Sundays. You will find everything from boule, ping pong, old nintendo games on the bridge wall, three bars, one restaurant and a three story indoor club. If you decide to visit this place during the evening, plan ahead and come there early, probably before dinner during 6 or 7pm. Since it is the only “hip” bar/club in Stockholm the entire town plus tourists will be there. Some days of the week they also have bands playing which can a lot of fun to so it check out!


4. Vasa Museeum 

You probably heard about in guide books or from people who has been visiting Stockholm. The museum displays the only almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged. I recommend you to visit this for two reasons. 1. It’s incredible how old and huge this ship is. 2. It is located on a beautiful island that has a lot of great things to do, you will find everything from restaurants to museum and amusement parks etc.


5. Explore the city on a bike

The best way to explore Stockholm is on a bike, there are a lot of bars and restaurants along the water to stop at and on Saturdays and Sundays you will find several flea markets to visit (see the map below for our suggestion of a tour). As a lot of other cities we have these city bikes that you can rent for a cheap price. You will find them all over Stockholm and you can use a regular credit card to rent them for 3 hours before you need to get a new one.



Good to know

Alcohol: In Sweden, we have a monolpoly on beer wine and alcohol. Which means there is only one store who sells anything over 3,5% alocohol per volume. This store is only open until 7pm on weekdays, 3pm on Saturdays and close on Sundays! You don’t want to miss a great BBQ picnic in the park with no beers. Visit their website for more info: Systembolaget (OBS: you have to be 20 years old to buy alcohol in this store, but in bars and restaurants its 18)

Swedes: We are a bit shy, so don’t feel offended if we are not answering your question or says hi to you, if you visit us in the summer we are usually a bit more social but if you happen to end up in Stockholm during the winter you will most likely need to give us a couple of beers before we start talking 😉

If you have any other questions regarding Stockholm, just drop me an email and I will tell you everything I know =)


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  • Anna says:

    Hi guys!
    Like your post about the things to do in Stockholm! Vanessa was just in Stockholm and wrote a post about this beautiful city as well 🙂
    I will visit Sweden in Summer. In June for Midsommar to be exact. I would like to know where we can celebrate Midsommar in Sweden as tourists. Is there any places where we can go?
    Best regards, Anna

    • JessicaWiking says:

      Hi Anna, thank you very much =) Oh thats great, Midsummer is definitely something to experience in Sweden! Usually Swedes stays at their summer houses or in the archipelago during midsummer but if you are in town I would recommend to go to Skansen they have a big celebration for everyone who is in town. Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help =) // Jessica

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