5 things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Six years ago me and my husband met in Jericoacora, a small beach town with all sand roads in the northern part of Brazil (read more here). We both fell in love with the country (and each other of course) and have since then wanted to go back for a long time.

We traveled partially together down the coast, stopping at a few towns along the way and ended at last up in Rio de Janeiro. Until this day this it is still the most beautiful City I know. Therefore I would like to share with all of you the most important things you shouldn’t miss if you will visit this city!


1. Eat Rodizio or Moqueca  

Rodizio is a Brazilian “all you can eat” BBQ where the waiters serve you different skewers of meats and on top of that you usually can choose from a salad and sushi buffet. So if you been out dancing in Lapa, cure your hangover at a Rodizio and you will feel great! If you are not into meat try to find a place that has Moqueca, this is definitely my favorite dish in Brazil, although its mostly served in the northern part. Moqueca is a fish stew made with dende oil, coconut milk and coriander.


2. Visit the Favelas

I know this might not be in everyone interests but I highly recommend it. If you are not familiar with Rio; the favelas are the slum areas where the people have built their own houses and created their own community. It’s very poor and it can be quite dangerous but there are several non profit tourist companies that arrange tours that will tell you the history and show you safely around. This is a great way of understanding the Brazilian situation and culture. If you don’t dare to go you can see most of the favelas in the Fast Five movie or City of God 😉


3. Try out Capoeira 

This is one of the most fun and weird sports I have tried. It’s a mix between dancing and karate, you need to be very smooth and quick but the Brazilians are more than happy to teach you. The best part is when you can practice down at the beach…


4. Dance in Lapa

Lapa is the bohemian neighborhood in Rio where you find the street festivals; its packed with people along the alleys with clubs playing loud music, people selling Capirhinas and street musicians. People dance EVERYWHERE! It’s quite an experiment but I would recommend to always have someone with you because there are a lot of pickpocketers that are ready to get their hands dirty.


5. Hangout at Copacabana

Whether you are Brazilian or Not you need to hangout at Copacabana and check out the amazing beach and all the butts. Its quite amazing to see all these Brazilian putting implants in their butts so you just have to see it when you are there. Of course the beach and the experience of sipping on a Capirhinas with the beautiful sea in front of you and huge mountains behind is quite impressive as well 😉

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