5 Things That Make Mozambique A Perfect 2016 Holiday Destination

Inspirational Guest blogger – Oliver Hyde

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Africa is rapidly climbing up the global tourism ladder as an increasing number of holidaymakers from around the world are turning to the wild continent when planning their summer getaways. The bad rep that plagued African countries is ancient history: with its pristine beaches, friendly locals, delicious cuisine, multitude of fun leisure activities, and affordable accommodation deals, Africa is nowadays a magnet for folks who seek adventure, comfort, and program diversity rather than just a short break from city life. Among African countries, Mozambique is by far the most popular – and here is why.


1. An exhilarating jungle ride


Mozambique is home to some of the continent’s best preserved natural habitats, and travelers fond of exotic jungle vibes can visit seven magnificent national parks or join a guided tour to explore a dozen protected areas. Gorongosa National Park is the most popular nature reserve in Mozambique, and wildlife which curious tourists can see here includes elephants, lions, crocs, hippos, antelopes, and hundreds of bird species. Other popular reserves in the country include Quirimbas, Limpopo, Zinave, and Bazaruto.


2. Cleanest beaches in southern Africa


With a pleasant tropical climate and favorable geographic position, Mozambique is a heaven for lovers of long lazy beach days and water sports. The archipelagos of Quirimbas and Bazaruto are the country’s greatest tourism treasure, where adrenaline junkies can go diving, surfing, dhow sailing, and snorkeling. Water temperatures are high during much of the year, and professional divers frequent this part of Mozambique because marine life in the area is a true gem. Endemic species found here include dolphins, barracudas, sea turtles, and humpback whales, while scuba divers who prefer marine flora to fauna can examine huge coral reef structures up close.


3. A home away from home


One of the best things about Mozambique is that most holidaymakers shift from the tourist to the local mode in a matter of days. The people of Mozambique are known for their hospitality, cheer, and easy-going nature, and they are always ready to help tourists find their way around town. Mozambique’s history may be steeped in conquest, blood, and struggle for independence, but the country’s present and future are painted in bright, upbeat hues. Locals here know just how valuable friendship and kindness are for a foreigner, and they will go out of their way to make the tourist feel at home during their stay.


4. Great accommodation deals


Although many people regard Africa as home to scruffy hostels and suspicious-looking private lodgings, every tourist who visited Mozambique recently can tell you accommodation quality is not an issue here – it is the supply. The country’s coastline is a magnet for western tourists, and best lodgings are all sold out well ahead of peak tourist seasons, so if you intend to spend your holiday on a sun-kissed Mozambique beach, make sure you book your accommodation as soon as possible. The tourist accommodation offer in Mozambique ranges from lavish mansions and high-class hotels to backpacker’s longings and private apartments, and you will certainly be able to find a deal that fits your budget granted you start looking on time.


5. Herbs, spice, and all seafood nice


The cuisine of Mozambique may not be as famous as Chinese, Thai, or Mexican, but it sure is no less mouth-watering. Most popular Mozambique dishes include spicy peri peri chicken (usually served with jalapeno salsa and sweet potato), juicy fried prawns with rice, matapa (made with stewed cassava leaves, garlic, ground peanuts, and coconut milk), prego rolls, and paõ (bread rolls baked in wood ovens). Bon appétit!


All set for a daring adventure into the heart of Africa? Make sure to book accommodation in advance, plan the trip carefully, and get to packing! Once you arrive in Mozambique, you will definitely want to use every minute for fun, sightseeing, and merrymaking.

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