5 favourite beaches in Brazil

A couple of years ago we were traveling along the coast of Brazil, in 3 months we manage to thoroughly go from Rio de Janeiro all the way to Jericoacoara (north of Fortaleza). We visited several towns along the way and we realized we spent most of our time either hanging out in the water or on the beach. So, we decided to list the top 5 beaches we found in Brazil.


1. Rio de Janeiro 

Rio is Rio! (Read more here) You will never get such stunning views from the beach with high mountains in the background, palm trees and cable cars all located in one great city. From time to time you can also see a couple of hang gliders flying above your head while enjoying the sun in the sand.

The great thing about this beach is the connection between the water and the city, the beach might be a bit crowded on sunny days but it’s definitely an experience. If you are lucky, they will also have live bands or concert in the evening on the beach. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for all the fake butts. We don’t have many of those in Sweden yet so it was fun to do some booty spotting.


Read more about Rio de Janeiro here

2. Arraial d’Ajuda

This is a small town with a lot of great restaurants and bars, the beach is very narrow and is located down a long road from the main center but is still beautiful. The great thing about this beach is that you can also find a water park next to the beach. If you get tired of lying in the sand, head over to this inexpensive water park and have a few beers and go on some rides.

We had a blast. We spent about 4 hours there trying out all the slides and floating on the endless river with a tube and a couple of beers. If you are looking to get away from all the people you should visit the beach to the right of the main beach. This is more beach with no people just a lot of picturesque palm trees hanging over some turquoise water.


3. Morro de Sao Paulo

Morro de Sao Paulo is a small peninsula off the coast of Salvador. It’s about a 2 hour boat ride to get out there but definitely worth the trip. On this island you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, great restaurants, and some lively bars and clubs. There is so much to explore here! On the main beach you have beach volleyball, small cafes selling amazing Acai (something you need to try), snorkeling, surfing, kayaking and a lot more.

If you feel like exploring, you can hike to many other beaches, villages, clay mud pits or some completely isolated locations. This was my husband’s favorite place in Brazil since he made friends with all the locals and felt like a celebrity everywhere he went.


4. Pipa

Interested in surfing? This is the place to go. Pipa is famous for its giant redrock cliffs which dive to white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise surf breaks. None of the beaches are very crowded and there are a lot of small surf shacks on the main beach. It’s not too expensive to rent a surf board but don’t pay for the surf lesson since there are a lot of Brazilians that would be happy to teach you for free.


5. Jericoacoara

As you might have read in our earlier post here, Jeri is one of our favorite places on earth although their beaches are not the most amazing we have seen, even though the beach town is magical. The entire town is basically a beach because it’s built on the sand dunes and it’s known for being a great place for kite and wind surfing.

The main beach is very flat and not many people are hanging out there although on the right side of the town you have a calmer area with some cliffs that are fairly pleasant. If you really want to hang out an entire day on the beach you should visit the lagoons, there are several to choose from but we would recommend the lagoon with restaurants in the water! Ask anyone in town and they will know what you are talking about!

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Let us know what is your favourite beach in world!?


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