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How to become a Digital Nomad

Since I launched Two worlds One life, I have read and followed a lot of other great Travel-bloggers and I am surprised every time how ambitious everyone is and how they can actually make a living traveling!
If you read a lot of posts about how to start a blog, what’s important to think about etc, they are almost all the same; “You have to be on Social media” “Be unique” and “Find your niche”… I can totally agree with many of them but I also think a lot has to do with motivation and doing what YOU think is right and what works for you.

Why I’m probably the Worst Travel Blogger ever

– Sabrina Iovino

That’s also the reason why I love Sabrina Iovino posts about why she “probably” is the worst travel blogger in the world. Read more here.


Anyway, whoever you are reading this, if you are a newbie in the blog world, an entrepreneur or just a lover for traveling; I wanted to share with you what has inspired me the most during our journey to achieve our dream.

These three people are travel bloggers that have gone their own way and inspired me with their spirit, motivation, entrepreneurial mindset and personality!


Discovering Ice – Steph and Andres

Steph and Andres are a couple in their twenties who gave up their jobs to live their dream; travel the world full time by creating an online entrepreneurship/business.  Maybe something you have heard before?

Well of course, since that is most travel bloggers dreams, but what makes Steph and Andres different is that they have been honest from day one. On their blog you can read about all their steps they have taken to achieve their dream. They call it, “The Experiment”, and they have been creating online automated technology that will give them full location independence.  They have listed all their successes as well as failures along the road, which to me, makes them unique and trust worthy!

Their most successful experiment is the Themidgame, which aims to help bloggers and other types of online influencers to live out their passions by being able to make money from what they love. Themidgame connects influencers to brands and that’s what we’ve been working on for the last two years!

discoveringice.com founded by Steph and Andres


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Ramblist – Valerie Fidan

Valarie lived in San Francisco with her husband and after every trip they  felt that urge to go back and travel again. One day they discovered the  term “Digital Nomad” and started to research about it (read more here).

They realized they needed a change and that there were lifestyle opportunities out there that would allow them to break away from their regular jobs back home. Neither had big commitments in the US that kept them there, so what they did was bringing their jobs with them to wherever they went!

How, you wonder? Well almost everything is digital these days and if your business can be digital, then so can you. – In other words, independent and not locked into one place.

To make this a bit more clear. Valerie worked as an assistant but with so much of her job being online; she brought her entire business online and became a virtual assistant.

A great way to get the freedom you are dreaming about and if YOU have been in a business for a long time, created a network or relationships, most likely you can become digital as well.

Ramblist.com is a travel blog founded by Valerie Fidan.

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Justonewayticket.com – Sabrina Iovino

Sabrina Iovino had a 9-5 job in Berlin, until she took the leap and quit her job in 2008. You have probably heard this story many times but what differentiates Sabrina from most bloggers is that she did it her own way.

Most bloggers talk about posting 3-5 times a week, do guest blogging, being on all social media channels etc… but she didn’t follow most of those recommendations.


What she did instead was just to be herself; she found her own voice through what she was passionate about and executed it how she thought it should be done.She started by writing about something she truly loved; The Philippines and then went all in selling/marketing those posts. Because of her strong personality and passion she succeeded in making money after 6 months of blogging. Now after 2 years she makes over 3000 dollars a month by only writing one article per month.

So the conclusion is, if you are that type of person who will quit your job and take that jump, do it to a 100% and go all in, follow your own voice and not the others.

Justonewayticket.com founded by Sabrina Lovino

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THANK YOU! If you have any ideas on how to become a digital nomad, please share! Or if you have any other questions or comments  🙂


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