11 Must-Haves when traveling

When you are on the run, traveling from country to country it can be hard to know what necessities to bring. Most of us know the top three most essential things we can’t forget; Passport, Money and Keys to get back into your own home! But what else is there to think about?

Here are 11 tips on the most important items to not forget:

1. Camera 

This might be self-evident but not for everyone, with the developed smart phones we have today a lot of people who are completely fine with only needing their phones! In my mind you should have both, pictures are such amazing ways of document your memories and if you happen to lose your camera/smartphone you should always have a backup.


2. Diary

This on the other hand might seem old fashion but I would highly recommend it! Even if we have smartphones, tablets and computers nowadays, diaries are underestimated. What if you are out of batteries or forget your phone when you are out on that trekking trip? A diary comes in handy for writing down small notes, directions, passing a friend your contact details, or for actually writing an entire article. Also, I find it the physical act of writing on paper therapeutic. Maybe that’s just me.


3. Sunglasses

Yes, might not be the most important thing to bring but you will never know when the sun decides to pop out and then those sunglasses will be very useful. OR, if you prefer a hat, that works too but either way you need to protect your eyes. Coming from Sweden and having lightly colored eyes, it’s much more important than you might think to protect your eyes from damaging rays. Also, you don’t want to have the crow’s feet sun burn from squinting all the time.


4. Comfortable shoes

Where ever you go, whether it’s a city, a beach town, or on a hiking trip you most likely will do a lot of walking. Do not underestimate the importance of protecting your feet. I completely ruined part of our trip to Sicily because of a cheap pair of flip flops. I have since then bought a pair of  Rainbows, the most comfortable sandals I ever had.


5. Adapter 

This is one of those things I usually forget and but it’s probably one of the most important items to bring. If you go somewhere remote, it might be hard to pick one of these up at the local electronics store. I recommend, investing in a multiple adapter that you can use in almost every country. Might cost a little more for quality but it’s a bummer to be stuck without any of your electronics working since you can’t plug them in.


6. Map 

If you don’t bring wireless connection and you don’t have the possibility to use the internet in the country you are visiting, a map of the area might be your savior.  A little tip, google maps works without using data roaming as long as you launch the app when you have wifi and allow the app to find your location.


7. Mini medical kit:

All you ‘really’ need is a box of plasters/band-aids, a pair of small scissors, a bottle of sanitizer and some decent painkillers. Anything that requires more probably also requires a trip to the doctors.


8. Ear Plugs

For those staying in hostels, these can be a life saver. There is always a snorer in multiple bed hostels and if you’re a light sleeper, this person might ruin your energy level from a lack of sleep. They are also great for trains, busses and airplanes. They take up no space and you’ll be happy to have them if you ever need them.


9. Backup

If you will be taking a ton of pictures, whether it’s with your phone or camera, you need a way to back up those photos. One of the worst feelings when traveling is losing all your photos. This could be a cable to download the photos to a computer or simply a flash drive to act as a local backup. 


10. A Good Jacket.

Dressing for the weather is vital. Nobody knows this better than a Swed. We have a saying that everyone knows, and it means, There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. If you pack a good jacket for the conditions, you will thank us when the storm hits. My recommendation would be to invest in a GORE-TEX, good for any weather and last long.


11. Lastly, if you can handle it, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Jake can travel for a month and only pack a carry-on sized backpack. He doesn’t pack a tooth brush or toothpaste only has a couple pair of underwear, and if it’s a warm country probably only packs 1.5 outfits. He does this because he says he likes to go and explore and buy those essentials wherever we travel to.  To each their own I guess. All I know is it saves a lot of money in baggage fees.


Extra Tip:

Got a great tip from @atravellingc at Twitter: Bottle Opener! So true that is something you can’t easily find everywhere and definitely something you need when staying in hostels, cooking your own meal etc! Thank you 🙂 atravellingcircus.com

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